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    Definitely change the spelling. Grandparents will get over it.
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    Changing from an unusual and non-intuitive spelling to the standard one can only help. Grandparents tend to think their grandchildren are perfect in every way so will resist tinkering, but you're sparing your daughter a lifetime of frustrated phonics lessons and going by "Ida" at Starbucks.
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    Change it. It's your daughter who will have to put up with constant mispronunciations of her name, not the grandparents. By the way, Isla is a gorgeous name!
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    I would change it, especially since it sounds like it's bothering you, and your daughter is too young to know the difference. Isla is pretty well-known and most people will be able to pronounce/read it, and honestly I don't think less people would say "Iyla" incorrectly. Some people pronounce even the most common, easily spelled names incorrectly, and it's not as if Isla's a name no one ever hears. Her grandparents and everyone else will get over it if you change the spelling. And I hate to say this, but in the future, people WILL look at your daughter's name more positively (and your daughter more positively, I mean on things such as job applications, etc.) if her name is spelled "correctly". Although it's absolutely no reflection on the person with the name, people do look down upon creative or altered spellings of well-known given names.

    Isla June (or Iyla June) is a gorgeous name, BTW.

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    Change it. I have a sibling with a phonetic spelling of Siobhan and everyone tries to spell it properly instead! It is frustrating to her and it looks like her parents were illiterate to spell it so differently to the traditional.

    What are the grandparents specific objections to the change? Do they still feel the Isla spelling is confusing? Ask them to spell Island and see what you get.

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