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    I would change it, too!! I do not understand why there could possibly be any confusion on how to spell ISLA or how to pronounce it. Most people know the name. I mean it´s by far not uncommon. Really, just go for it. You´re doing the right thing (By the way, I honestly wouldn´t know how to pronounce your current spelling of the name IYLA if you didn´t tell that´s supposed to be ISLA, no offence.)

    And btw: I really love the name Isla. It´s a beautiful choice
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    Yes change it. The grandparents will get over it. She is your child, and you should spell her name the way that makes you and your husband happy.

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    No offense, but to me, Iyla would be pronounced like "Ee-yull-ah". Most people would know how to pronounce Isla, since everyone knows how to pronounce Island. I'd change it to the original spelling. I love the name Isla. It's so pretty!
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    I'm with everyone else. The spelling really seems to bother you and Isla (spelled like this) is partially so stunning because of it's simplicity. I think that if you and your hubby are of one mind on this - to heck with everyone else.

    Since a major concern of your parents and in-laws was the pronunciation of Isla - and I assume that this is still partly their concern - I'd point out that nobody get's confused on how to pronounce island and Isla is very similar. If people start saying "Ees-la" instead it's easy enough to say "Isla like island" - I feel like people will just say "well duh, how stupid am I?" instead of feeling it's counter intuitive. Honestly, I'm with mnj87 I find Iyla much more confusing (too many vowels).
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    I'd say you should change her name. It might be because I'm from a foreign language country, but I would have more problems with the Iyla spelling than Isla (presuming that I didn't know how Isla was pronounced). I would pronounce Iyla "Aye-ee-lah". It'll be so much easier for her in the future if her name is spelled the traditional way.
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