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    Hadley... Who is she?

    Do you know a Hadley? What is she like? What do you imagine a Hadley to be like?

    Do you like this name?
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    I have never met a Hadley in real life but there was a minor character in a book called Hadley, I think she was a skateboarder but apart from that I can't remember much. My impression of Hadley is a girl that likes cats (weird, that was very spontaneous), she has a small group of strong friends and is a very emotionally strong person herself, she gives good advice and likes to make jokes - especially when a situation is awkward. She does her best but things often don't go her way. She can get angry easily but tries to control her temper. She loves her cats, in fact she loves most animals, except spiders - Hadley definitelty does NOT like spiders. She does well in school, she likes art though she isn't any good at it, she likes looking at her friend's art. Hadley can be very simple at times, in the way that she states fact without much emotion or realising the effect that they have on people. Hadley might also have OCD, though she'd rebuke the suggestion from anybody who isn't in her circle of friends. So yeah, that's Hadley.
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    i've never met a Hadley but I would bet that she would be something like this:
    Hadley is very random and has a very close nit group of friends. She is simple and classy and all the girls are jealous of her. In rough situations, Hadley is not emotionally strong, but her friends often help her with all of her issues. She likes to babysit and is responsible. Hadley loves music and poetry and is artistic. I imagine Hadley as having long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and dimples. She also gets asked out a lot but responds with a very kind "No."
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    I don't know a Hadley, but I love the name! So cute and spunky. So I imagine a cute, spunky, athletic girl with long brown hair.
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    I imagine Hadley is a brunette, who is both a bit artistic and a bit athletic. She's not a superstar at any of her pursuits, though, and she's solidly "normal." She's friendly, outgoing and spunky. People generally like her, though she doesn't have a great relationship with her mother.

    I don't like the name.

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