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    Our baby name list (version 1)

    I posted earlier about baby names. Hubby and I can't seem to agree on much, but we agreed that we are both drawn to names that start with a V. After a lengthy and painful deliberation, we narrowed it down to these names. Unfortunately, we also managed to come up with some issue for pretty much every name other than Vincent.

    Vienna - we both love the sound of this name, but are city names too trendy? Also, we couldn't ignore the reference to Vienna sausages. Is this a big deal?
    Vera - simple, elegant, but is it too Russian?
    Vanessa - we're both bookworms and love the literary connection. The only drawback is that it's long and we're not sure we like any of the nicknames (Vanna, Nessa) Any other nickname suggestions that we haven't considered?
    Valentina - love this name, but is it trendy because a couple of stars named their kids this? Also, similar to Vanessa, we find this name to be too long to not have a nickname, and we don't like Val. Are there any other nn options?

    Vance - Love this name, but when I say it out loud, it sounds close to Vince. Do you think people will mix the two up?
    Victor - I have a negative association with this name, but it's from grade school. Do you think the association will fade after I get used to calling my baby by this name?
    Vander - we're on the fence about this name. It's interesting, but we're not sure. What do you think of this one?

    We also found some other names that we both like, but can't use for one reason or another. I thought including hem would help you hone in on our style.
    Isabella (way too popular for us)
    Daniella (we know too many people our age with this name)
    Charlotte (our niece's name)
    Alexandra (Hubby's name is Alex and we don't like having two similar names in the family)

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    Vienna is gorgeous name! I would use it if I had connections to Vienna(have you?)
    I don't like Vanessa, but Valentina and Vera have pretty slight Russian feel so I LOVE them. Especially Vera: I love the meaning(it's Russian Faith) and they use it as a nn for Veronica as well.
    I think Vander maybe remind somebody from HP's Ollivander. Don't know if it is a bad thing. And about Victor: I also have a awful association with this one(annoying brother of my friend, he was really terrible. I am really fond of Victoria though and it's my berry name). I am sorry, but I don't know any great men Victors . I wouldn't use it especially because of your association.
    From your boy choices I love Vance, it's really handsome but not common, which is a plus for me.
    I am glad you are not using Isabella or Charlotte. I think there are enough girls with those names.
    What about Vivenne, Viola, Valentine, Valerii, Vlad, Verity, Vernon or Vilson? There are a lt of great V names

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    Vienna - I don't think of sausages. I think of the city, which is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric, and one of my favourite musicians Vienna Teng. I really love it, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    Vera - I think it's funny that you wonder if this is too Russian when you've got Valentina below! I like Vera, but it's my least favourite on your list.
    Vanessa - Beautiful, my favourite! Nicknames: Ana, Essie, Annie?
    Valentina - Very long, but lovely. I have a friend by this name. Nicknames: Tina, Lena, Ina, Ali, Alina?

    Vance - Sounds like Lance with a V. I don't like this.
    Victor - I kind of like it, but I think of Days of Our Lives.
    Vincent - I love Vincent! My favourite on your list. It's got lovely associations (Shakespeare, Van Gogh and the Don McLean song).
    Vander - Sounds chopped off.

    Do you like...

    Veronica, Villanella, Violetta, Vilda, Viatrix, Vendela/Vendula
    Vernon, Valentin, Valerian,Viorel
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Vienna -- Actually, my first thought was the Billy Joel song. I think it's cute, and Vienna and Vincent is a BEAUTIFUL sibset!
    Vera - This name is Russian? Haha, no, I love this this name! it's short and sweet and classy.
    Vanessa - Essie, Nessie, Annie/Ana.
    Valentina - Vale, Valley, Tina, Ennie, Ally. I prefer Valentine, but Valentina is also awesome, and certainly NOT too trendy.

    Vance - Naw, it's not too close to Vince. Even if they do, it's not such a big slipup that you need to worry about it.
    Victor - If you have a negative association, don't use it. Yeah, it'll probably fade, but... just in case?
    Vincent -- WINS.
    Vander -- I think it's really cool! I prefer Evander, but Vander is fine. It makes me think of space explorers (for some reason). Captain Vander, Space Conqueror! (This is a good association)

    We also found some other names that we both like, but can't use for one reason or another. I thought including hem would help you hone in on our style.
    Isabella (way too popular for us) -- Don't use it, then. If you aren't TOTALLY IN LOVE with it and the popularity bothers you, skip it.
    Daniella (we know too many people our age with this name) -- This is fine, as long as these people don't think you're naming her after them.
    Charlotte (our niece's name) -- So cute! But yeah, a bit close in the family.
    Alexandra (Hubby's name is Alex and we don't like having two similar names in the family) -- I actually think it would be cool to name her after him. You could use a different nickname; Andra, Exie, Xandra, Andy

    My faves(as sibsets and in order):

    Vienna and Vincent
    Valentina and Victor
    Vera and Vance
    Vanessa and Vander
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Vienna doesn't make me think of sausages, definitely the city. Place names have always been popular so I don't really think of them as trendy, and I put Vienna in the same category as Florence, Alexandria and Verona i.e with lots of history and quite useable as a name. (You might like Verona actually, I suppose)

    I like Verity more than Vera, like Valentina in theory but would probably not like it so much on a real child, and don't particularly care for Vanessa. Other V names I like: Violet, Viola, Valerie, Vivienne. Maybe Victoria, Venetia.

    I have never come across a V name I liked for boys, so I won't comment on those.

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