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    I like Olive with Elsa, since they're both short and start with a vowel; it compliments them.

    Olive Helen is strong, and goes very well with Elsa Beatrice.

    Sylvie also goes good with Elsa,as they both have that "s" sound, and Sylvie is quirky and short without the "a" at the end. Sylvia is stuffy and would have been too matchy with both ending in "a". Jane is kind of out of left-field, especially since Elsa has such a feminine, strong middle name of Beatrice.

    And Alice is very close to Elsa. They don't look alike, but I've had that sort of problem. My name is Olivia, and while working with a Lydia, I discovered just how close those names really are when said in a hurry. Over the phone I get mistaken for Lydia or Elizabeth a lot... I guess when you say the names fast they sound kind of close!

    Greta and Elsa sound good together too but... It almost sounds like Hansel and Gretal!
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    1. Sylvie Jane (I like Sylvie on it's own!)
    2. Vivian Alice (If Alice is a middle, it's not to close to Elsa)
    3. Olive Helen (Though I'd prefer Olive Jane)
    4. Florence Wren

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    Thanks for the responses everyone! I like Greta, but maybe not with Elsa for our family. One thing I like about Elsa is that it has an almost international feeling. The name to me could be German, Spanish, Swiss... Our last name is Swiss and my tastes are wanting to skew more French with Sylvie (or Vivian maybe) whereas an Elsa/Greta pair (or Ingrid, which I also love) makes Elsa feel more German than it did on its own. Not sure if that makes sense...

    Elsa was my husband's first choice from the moment I suggested it as a possibility and I actually had to warm up to it! I kept worrying she was Iris, even a day or two after she arrived! I love the name now of course. Husband's not sold on Sylvie, but maybe I'll get first pick next time around.
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    Florence Wren is the winner for me. Elsa and Florence are beauties.

    Sylvie Jane is a close second. And yes it is a stand alone name, and I prefer it over Sylvia. Sylvia is just a touch old ladyish to me. Sylvie fells like its modern with history.

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    Florence Wren is a winner for me, but, Wren is a nickname for Florence so maybe that might influence you a little.

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