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    Possible baby sister names... your thoughts.

    Just daydreaming. Any reactions to these ideas?

    Daughter is Elsa Beatrice.

    Sylvie Jane
    Florence Wren
    Vivian Alice
    Olive Helen

    Any other suggestions?

    Also is Alice too close to Elsa?

    Last name is very long so trying to keep name short-ish.

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    Oh, Sylvie (full name Sylvia, I hope?) is so sweet with Elsa. So is Florence. Those are my two favorites.
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    I love Florence Wren! It sounds so sweet with Elsa Beatrice
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    Elsa and Florence are lovely together. Alice isn't close enough to worry, especially if it's a middle name.

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    Can sylvie not stand on its own? Too nick namey?

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