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    Should I give in to DH or keep pushing my names?

    My husband is stuck on three names: Candace, Grace, and Claire.

    I do not like Candace at all. Claire is already used as another daughters middle name.
    Grace is simple, sweet, classic and goes well with sibset but I find it a little too normal and prefer it as middle name. We're having our third child...he named #1 (Jack William) , I named #2 (Eila Claire) so now we have to compromise. Baby is due is 3 days!

    Should I give in and just name her Grace (since I do like it) or continue to fight it out? Anyone experience the same situation? My list is below if it makes a difference.

    Elise, Mira, Emilia, Cora, Elena, Carys, Elaine

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    I don't feel like we as the women should have to give in to the men. Especially if you are using his last name. Not a fan of using the same name for 2 kids (Claire). Candace feels really dated to me, and the 2 that I know in real life hate their names and go by a nn. Grace is a bit boring. Your choices are so much better! I think Cora, Carys or Mira would make great options! The others are a bit too similar sounding to your other daughter's name.
    So I say stand your ground. Offer up Grace as the middle if you both like it. Cora Grace or Mira Grace. Lovely!
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    I LOVE my sons middle name and wish I would use it for another kid but I just dont think its ok... I think each kids deserves their own name and identity!

    Grace is nice but I dont think you should give in!!!! You are giving birth not him! You get the final say!!!!
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    I think you and your DH should use something like Nymbler: plug in your favorites and come up with something new- something you both like. If you don't mind, then it could be possible to use both yours and your DH's favs for two middle names.
    (I don't have much experience with this, but I think this could work great.)
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    How about a double barrel name, like Mira Grace or Emilia Grace as the first name, then both of you win!

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