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    My love has been absolutely against talking future baby names with me since our daughter was born, which is fine by me, but yesterday while we were hanging out in the garden and I was looking through my baby name books he all of the sudden said: "You should put Gareth on your list."

    Gareth? I have never considered this name before. He is one of my favourite knights (of that round table, yes) and I love Tennyson's Idylls of the King, but for some reason I have always associated the name with Gareth Southgate (football player for various half decent English football clubs). Anyway, I'm kind of starting to like it... it's knightly, handsome and usable. So what do you lovelies think? Rosalind and Gareth? Some awesome combos spring to mind?
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    Gareth should definitely be on your list, if only because HE brought it up!

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    Rosalind and Gareth have the same feel, though I prefer Jared to Gareth. But if your SO likes it and you also do, why not? Some suggestions for middle name:
    Gareth Isidore
    Gareth Cornelius
    Gareth Marshall
    Gareth Leander
    Gareth Oberon
    Gareth Fabian
    What do you think?

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    I definitely like this! I have a lot of similar names on my list:


    Middle name combos:

    Gareth William
    Gareth Grant
    Gareth Andrew
    Gareth Anton/Antone/Antony/Anthony
    Gareth Creed
    Gareth Lewis
    Gareth Barkely
    Gareth Reese/Reeve
    Gareth Maine
    Gareth Winslow
    Gareth Warren
    Gareth Wallace

    Did you have any middle names already in mind?
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    It definitely has the same medieval feel as Rosalind, and the meaning is lovely, but I don't think I'm liking Gareth it might grow on me, but...

    Some combos:
    Gareth Evander
    Gareth Emrys
    Gareth Florian
    Gareth Amory
    Gareth Sweeney
    Gareth Edmund
    Gareth Arthur
    Gareth Peregrine
    Gareth Barnaby Todd
    Gareth Orlando
    Gareth Valentine
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