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Thread: Gareth

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    essjay, Oh Gareth Gates. That was Pop Idol wasn't it?

    Sarah, yesh I'm not really loving it either, but I do like it.

    Leona, haha, yeah, I change my mind a lot! I like Ambrose a lot, and Leon is super cute (but I prefer Leopold and Leonidas. Leon super cute nickname though!) and Emeric is very cool. Linden is so pretty, but too pretty for me.

    Kitty, yay! Another Gareth fan. I am not in the love camp yet, but it is growing on me everytime I say it. I think it's the th-sound, I'm a huge fan of it.
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    I love the name Gareth, I think it goes beautifully with Rosalind.

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    I think the sounds of Rosalind and Gareth really compliment each other. The have the same amount of heaviness and both seem very antique (these are good things, I like names with more consonants than vowels). To me, however, it feels very very country southern, and I'm not sure why!! Maybe my brain automatically leaps to Garth?? Seeing how we're in different countries I can't imagine that matters very much.

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