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Thread: Gareth

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    I think you really need to put Gareth on your list just because he mentioned it but I do so love Gawain and find Gareth pales in comparison.
    Next to Rosalind, Gareth sounds a little too "nose-to-the-grindstone", I get my hands dirty when I do my rugged coal mining. It doesn't mean it's not handsome it's just missing some of your special fairy magic. However, I do think this could be a great "normal" name to add to a more fanciful boys name. Gareth Perseus, Endymion Gareth, or Faramond Gareth would spring to mind.
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    I want so badly to love Gareth, but the character on the Office dominates the association for me. [Americans-- Gareth was the British Dwight.] It sounds a bit like Garrett with a speech defect, too.
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    Apparently I am in the minority here, but I LOVE Gareth. I even prefer him to Gawain! Handsome, courtly, and chivalrous, he's a perfect counterpoint to Rosalind. My favorite part is the meaning: "gentle." I just picture a beautiful gentle giant of a man with gallant eyes and dark curls, who smells of leather and horses, fresh earth and wide open fields, and treats tiny precious lives (like babies and kittens) as if they are delicate glass. And the best part is, your man suggested the name!

    Love Amy's thought of pairing him with Oliver:
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    Gorgeous! Love it and it is perfect with Rosalind.

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    Garth is a very solid name that fits perfectly with Rosalind. It should definitely be a strong contender.
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