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Thread: Gareth

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    I really like it!
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    I think it's great that your other half chose that name Ottilie. I know a lot of people named Gareth, even one of my best friends is named it! I think it's a very handsome and strong name and it sounds really well with Rosalind. Here are a few combos of Gareth that I know of (I know they're very Welsh! sorry haha)

    Gareth Thomas
    Gareth Emrys
    Gareth Rhys
    Gareth Llewelyn
    Gareth Iwan (Pronounced Ewan)
    Gareth Aled
    Gareth Andrew
    Gareth Carwyn

    Other names I think have a similar feel to Gareth are Geraint and Gethin.
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    I like it! I think it works nicely with Rosalind and goes well with any number of your other boy name options. I feel myself having a strong desire to put Gareth next to Oliver... Gareth Tresillian Oliver would maybe match the best. =] Would it replace Gawain though??
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    Gareth is gorgeous! I always loved the name since I read the children's version of the King Arthur legends when I was young. To me it sounds like a dashing, handsome, chivalrous knight, of course. It goes wonderfully with Rosalind. I love your taste in names, Ottilie!
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