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    I have just fallen in love with a name: Amias. It is a boys name, and it might just be a sudden passion , but at the moment I really like it. Of course, I have not done any research about the name, but I was hoping to get some opinions and possible sibling names/ middles with this thread. If you think this name is awful, and it is one of those Eek, start hyperventilating that is horrible names in your opinion, please tell me. Thanks!

    Edit: I would pronounce it ah-MY-us
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    I really like Amias. I think it's in the Amicus family, meaning friend- but I'm not sure. It also could be related to Amy, which means beloved. Either way, it's a cheerful, friendly name. It's a great choice!
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    Amias is beautiful, I really like it! The origins of the name are a bit unclear as Rosey said. What I know is that's it's been in use since medieval times, and that there is a character in Spenser's The Faerie Queen named Amyas.

    I could see Amias with brothers Evander, Julian, Conrad, Ywain, Percival, Blaise and sisters Alix, Cicely, Gillian, Isolde, Orella and Letizia.
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    Is it ah-MY-us or AY-me-us?

    I like it, it's kinda cool but not too crazy. It has a bit of an ancient Roman/Greek feel to it.
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    Amias is not common but seems familiar. I love such names, they stand out but don't make people think "parents tried hard".
    I only Amias is a medieval names but not sure about origin. Does it really matter to you?
    I can see Amias used with the names of the same type: brothers Asa, Hugo, Leander, Septimus, Thor and sisters Martha, Millicent, Prudence, Persephone.

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