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Thread: Carter? WDYT?

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    Carter? WDYT?

    Completely undecided on a boys name. Currently thinking Carter? Others we like are Jed, Preston, Maximus, Roman and Jake or even maybe Adam. Other suggestions welcome.
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    Carter has been on and off my list for a while, currently it's off but I do like it. I prefer Carson though. I like Jed as a nickname for Jedidiah, also what about Judd? Preston's not my cup of tea, Peyton maybe? I can't take Maximus seriously, I think of it as a dog's name, or a horse, just Max? Or the French Maxime maybe? The look of Roan confuses me, I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Rowan? Ronan? I prefer the fully Jacob to Jake. Also really like Jacoby (I pronounce it Jack-o-bee). Adam's recently flitted under my radar, I like it, but not enough to put on my list. Some other ideas: Axel, Quinn, Keton / Keaton, Sullivan, Presley, Xander / Zander, Fenton, Jacques, Koby, Cody?
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    I like Carter but it is so popular now that it has lost the appeal. Cameron, Parker or Sayer are much better in this case.
    From your list I just love Adam(love it in general and Bible&Shakespear connection), Preston and Jed. What about Jared nn Jed, Jacoby nn Jake, Maxwell, Vincent, Calvin, Cruz or Theodore?

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    I'm not a big fan of Carter. It's so common these days that you can be sure there will be a number of Carters in his elementary school class. From your list, I personally love Roman. It's classy and masculine, but also not extremely common. Jed is nice, usually short for Jedediah, but I don't think it has the same sophistication as Roman. Preston is nice, but very preppy.

    Other suggestions: Simon, Asher, Collin, Callum, Declan, Conley, Finley, Damien, Dominic, Graham, Grant, Cole, Kirk, Kent, Keaton, Stanton, Rhys, Reid, Tristan, Travis, Forrest, Eli, Elias, Elijah, Emmett, Everett, Jude, Jasper, Julian, Jefferson, Jameson, Nolan, Harrison, Heath, Caspian, Hudson, Casper, Allen, Porter, Ian, Caleb, Isaac, Ewan, Cavan, Lars, Lance, Leif, Levi, Lucas, Luke, Mark, Marshall, Marcus, Mitchell, Miles, Malcolm, Orion, Oskar, Orrin, Dallin, Talon, Quentin, Quincy, Ross, Roscoe, Seth, Stanley, Samuel, Thomas, Victor, Vincent, Wendall, Wesley, Whitman, Edison, Wilder, Easton, Eastman, Xavier, Zane, Josiah, Judah,
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    I like Carter, but it is popular. From your list I like Adam and Jacob (not just Jake). Have you thought about Asher? It's a great name and not too popular.

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