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    Baby due in 2 weeks. Help!

    Can't decide on boy name. So far our list is below. Please give us your thoughts

    Jayce Eason
    Jase Eason

    Thomas chase

    Thomas jase
    Carter Eason

    What do you think of jase? Like the meaning of it. Eason is a family name

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    I'm not sure about Jayce/ Jase as a first and full name, it seems quite trendy (especially with the whole Jayden trend). If you were to go with it though I prefer the Jase spelling. Jase makes me think of Jake/ Jason/ Joel. I definitely don't hate Jase though, it's quite cute and I can imagine it on child, teen, and adult

    My favourite on your list is Thomas. I think I preder Thomas Jase/ Thomas Eason to Thomas Chase though.

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    i like Thomas Jace / Thomas Eason & Carter Eason

    Thomas Eason is my favorite

    congratulations and goodluck on the arrival of your little prince
    I am a 19 year old girl called Niamh Clare

    I am Irish and proud to be

    I love names...and thinking about future babies

    Nephew born May 18th 2017 - Kaiden Lochlan

    My Name List -

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    I personally dislike the name Jase/Jayse/Jace. Thomas Eason and Carter Eason are great names!

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    Jase/Jayce or any spelling variation of it sounds made-up and unintelligent to me. I am not a fan at all. Thomas is a nice name so I'd say Thomas Eason.

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