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    Is your child's nickname the one that you planned?

    Hello Berries,

    It seems like forever since I've posted! Wow!

    So my question today, does you child go by the nickname/shortened name that you planned for him or her?

    My baby Emmeline was supposed to be Emmy, all through my pregnancy she was Emmy. However as she has grown she doesn't fit the pretty, delicate and ladylike image I had in my head for a daughter of mine. At 8 months she is loud and feisty and stubborn, she's very pretty but she has a whole lot of personality! In short, Emmy never fit her the way I pictured it, so she is Milly. Milly Mouse, Silly Milly any kind of Milly really but she is most definitely Milly!

    I guess I was just wondering if anyone had had the same idea in their head and it was put to rest by your little person... I'd find it quite it quite interesting!

    Jack August Hopper
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    With these babes on our team life is pretty wonderful.

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    Well I don't have kids of my own yet, but my niece, Sophie Oleander, has developed the completely unintended nn "Sophio" haha.
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
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    My child hasn't been born yet, but I can tell you my nickname is not one my mother chose for me. She named me Alexandra - and really wanted me to go by Alexandra. (She still calls me Alexandra). If people really wanted to use a NN she suggested Allie, when I was a baby.

    I've been going by "Alex" since I was in 7th grade. My mother is the ONLY person who calls me Alexandra.

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    We didn't pre-choose nicknames for the boy, but did for Calla/Calli and yes we use it regularly. She and the boys also have non-name connected nicknames as per my signature.
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    My baby will be born in May so I don't know yet I plan to call her Nelly, but I will see.
    I know a few kids who go by nicknames not related to their names at all though.

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