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    I think Rosa Penelope Sage is very beautiful! It flows the nicest of your choices.

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    I think Rosa Penelope Sage flows the best of your suggestions. I really like judyariel's suggestion of Rosa Cordelia Sage, tho. If you end up choosing not to use Rosa and Sage both (I agree it feels plant-heavy to me) then I also like just Lucia Sage.

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    I prefer Rosa Fiammetta Sage. Though I'm not fond of Sage, I think that Rosa Fiammetta sounds lovely (or even better, Rose Fiammetta).
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    Any thoughts on Rosa Luca Sage? This is the Hubby's suggestion. Seems like there should be a 3 syllable name in the middle to me.
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    I agree that a three-syllable middle sounds better.
    How about Rosa Lucia Sage? (pronounced Loo-CHEE-ah)

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