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Thread: My Little Man!

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    My Little Man!

    Daniel Jackson arrived at 5:30 am Monday, April 15th, weighing 6lb 13oz. and measuring 19 3/4 in. Big sister Jade Lynn (4 years) says "He's nice."

    He has a head of feathery, black hair, and looked somewhat like a caveman, with black 'fur' on his ears, back, and little bottom. Though, the 'fur' is now receding.

    He gave us a bit of a scare during delivery. He had pooped in my womb, This is called Meconium, and the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck. Doctors felt he was too lethargic and not eating enough, so the ordered blood tests to make sure he wasn't septic, and a sonogram on his brain to make sure there was no bleeding. The results were normal.

    He was almost admitted to NICU, but after the most harrying 48 hours of my life, we were both discharged on Wednesday.

    So glad to have Daniel home with me now.

    Thanks for reading,
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    My baby pooped as she was coming out so they were also a little worried. She too was fine, luckily, like your son.

    I love all the "fur" babies have! It's so cute.

    Congratulations, and enjoy your son and what little sleep you'll be getting!
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    Congratulations! I love the name you have chosen
    You are really blessed because I know a woman whose baby also pooped in the womb and that all ended really bad. I am so happy you little prince is fine now.
    Congrats again and all best to your family.

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    Congratulations! Daniel Jackson is a wonderful name.

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    Congrats on baby Daniel! I'm glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound.

    I had one who pooed as she was being weighed immediately after birth.

    Just another reason to call him a 'little pooper!'

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