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    I wish Minerva wasn't so 'nerve-y'! I love the refeence just not the sound moonkai, but that is exactly the kind of suggestion I am after

    Arrietty Fleur is also lovely! Thanks!
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    Two clear stand outs to me are Artemis (love missy and artie) and Arrietty (etty)... With Peregrine I love Arrietty more!
    I like
    Arrietty Artemis a lot actually and also
    Arrietty Fern
    Arrietty Seraphine
    Arrietty Sage (u sure you can't use Sage in the middle... This is adorable!!)

    With Artemis I love Artemis Violet(ta)
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    I also love Artemis, and I don;t think there will be too much confusion as to her gender, I second Artemis Violet (personally I think Violetta sounds much more "violent/violate" than Violet)

    I still love Seraphine, though. Guinevere Seraphine would be elegant and stunning, I think. And I love the arthurian reference with your sister
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    I have a baby called Maple Violet and my list is super similar to yours (sage, iris and hazel are very probable
    for my next baby!). So thought I would share!

    Clover (maybe too dairy cow, but I secretly love it)

    Since you like Ada, what about Adeline? I like both Ada and Arriety, just offering more ideas!
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    I like Aurelia Eve. It's so pretty! Plus, you could call her Lia for short. Artemis screams boy for me, and the rest just don't do anything for me. Aurelia is my favorite.
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