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    I wouldn't be comfortable with 3 R names and then not using one with the fourth. I think with 2 out of four it wouldn't be an issue Rosemary, May, Roderick and Gideon for example but if you had Rosemary, Raphael, Roderick and May it just doesn't seem intentional or cohesive.
    I agree with this. Two out of four sharing an initial (especially when they're not the first two) is fine. My next door neighbours' kids have R, J, J names, with the boy in between two girls, and it doesn't seem strange. Had the girls been named the other way round, being J, J, R, it might have bugged me that the youngest sister didn't have the same initial. With it being the older sister, it doesn't feel odd.

    If you had, say, Gideon, Rosemary and Roderick, and stopped at three, that wouldn't feel odd at all. Add Raphael in as baby #4 and it's a bit unbalanced towards Gideon, but if you had May as #4 and then Raphael as #5 it wouldn't be so bad - G,R,R,M,R. Yes, it would be more weighted in favour of R names but not disproportionately so.

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