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    I'd get kinda confused seeing three R names and then a G or M, but it's absolutely your decision. I'd say try to find more R names, but if the time comes and you just don't love any, then go with what you DO love.
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    Everyone has different opinions about sib-sets. Some people have an every name for every child approach and others, like myself, prefer to look at the group as a whole. It really depends on how you feel about it. I wouldn't be comfortable with 3 R names and then not using one with the fourth. I think with 2 out of four it wouldn't be an issue Rosemary, May, Roderick and Gideon for example but if you had Rosemary, Raphael, Roderick and May it just doesn't seem intentional or cohesive. I will also say that I wish we would have thought more about sib-sets when naming our first child because it really does affect future name choices.
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    Hi. I have the same problem!! We have baby no 4 due. We have George, Ingrid & Arthur so far - logically we would have an Elizabeth or Victoria or Louis!!

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    I have the same dilemma though for me I already broke my theme. I had 3 kids with 1-syllable names. We named our 4th child Katharine with the idea of calling her Kate. That didn't happen; she ended up Katie. I tried calling her Kate but she doesn't care for it and now goes by her full name. The problem for me, is that I still like single-syllable names most. When we had number 5, I had the dilemma of "fixing my set" and going with a longer name to "match" Katharine or picking my favorite name. We went with my favorite - James - even though that has "left" Katharine as the only one with the "long" name. When I post about future names it's clear that some nameberries are bothered by how Katharine's name sticks out while others hardly blink.

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    Personally I view it as "sloppy" and it just looks "odd" like the last child was left out. So I would stick with the theme, but it is your decision. You'll have to be careful though because the child will be the youngest and his/her older R siblings might tease him/her for not have an R name. Also they might feel left out.

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