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    Liking Juliette today...

    DH and I have been mulling over our name picks, we're pretty sure what our boy pick will be, but girls are getting tough for us. Today we like Juliette. We were debating between Juliet and Juliette, but with Cora as the middle name, Juliet seemed too short. What do you think? Juliette Cora?

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    I always preferred the French aspect to Juliette, but I like the look of the simple Juliet more. I think it'd be less of a hassle to live with, too (although I would love to see both Cora Juliet or Cora Juliette! Is Cora set as the MN?). I don't think Juliet is too short with Cora as a MN--Juliet Cora looks more balanced to me than Juliette Cora. Besides, with my French history, I am more inclined to punch the last syllable of Juliette--so it flows a bit more awkwardly than Juliet Cora does to me.

    Good luck!
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    Personally I prefer the look of Juliette. It looks beautiful with Cora.

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    I agree with ashthedreamer. The French spelling changes the pronunciation a bit for me, and thus makes it a bit awkward with Cora. Between the two, I'd pick Juliet Cora.
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    I agree with ash and krismichelle, Juliet Cora sounds nicer.
    Any chance you consider Cora's variations? I think Juliet Coralie is so pretty.
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