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  • Scarlett Echo Bambrey

    13 41.94%
  • Matilda Echo Bambrey

    11 35.48%
  • Matilda Echo Rose Bambrey

    4 12.90%
  • Echo Dawn Bambrey

    3 9.68%
  • Matilda Raven Rose

    16 51.61%
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Thread: Scarlett Echo?

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    What about Scarlet Raven Rose? I like the others as well: Matilda Raven Rose and Echo Dawn. I think that the first name will be the most important -- after the baby's birth the second name isn't thought about as much unless you make it a compound name. For example, my cousin calls her baby "Avery Plum" (always together). I also think that the name that draws you in personally is the best one. Go with what speaks to your heart.

    Other thoughts:

    Anya Raven Rose Bramley
    Echo Skye Bramley

    I think that whoever thought of Raven Rose is a genius (great compound middle name).
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    Ravens are extremely smart, which is a nicer quality to me!
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    I love word names, but because they carry such amazing imagery and stand out as unusual, I would personally limit to one strong word name in one name. (Rose has such a history as a name, I almost don't count it).

    Matilda Raven Rose is AMAZING. Lush, pretty, and Matilda is so spunky and fun! But I find Scarlett Echo, Echo Dawn, and some of the double word name suggestions too wordy, like a book or movie title instead of a kid's name. Instead, I'd run with:

    Hazel Marissa Rose
    Matilda Autumn Rose (gets some of that double word name in subtly)
    Scarlett Anya or Anya Scarlett
    Rowan Alanna Skye or Rowan Alanna Echo
    Autumn Matilda
    Echo Alanna

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    I love word names too! I think Scarlett Echo and Matilda Raven Rose are very pretty!!! I also really love the idea of Echo as a first name; maybe Echo Rose, Echo Raven Rose, or Echo Alanna Skye? Echo Dawn is nice too!

    I love the suggestions of Autumn Skye (I prefer the Sky spelling but still lovely), Matilda Autumn Rose, and Rowan Alanna Skye!
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    I adore the name Raven-Rose either as a middle name or as a first, it really is quite pretty!
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