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  • Scarlett Echo Bambrey

    13 41.94%
  • Matilda Echo Bambrey

    11 35.48%
  • Matilda Echo Rose Bambrey

    4 12.90%
  • Echo Dawn Bambrey

    3 9.68%
  • Matilda Raven Rose

    16 51.61%
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Thread: Scarlett Echo?

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    Scarlett Echo?

    hi again everyone! yep, it's me again with the "Echo" obsession lol!

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on the name Scarlett Echo Bambrey

    We also thought of Matilda Echo, but not sure if that sounds "unfinished" in a way..

    *Perhaps Matilda Echo Rose works better, but I do have a hesitation of using 2middle names, at first I thought that was a silly idea (I thought it was a bit too long) but I'm not sure now, thought too much about it and everythings all fuzzy :/

    Oh, also my FDH has just asked what you think of Echo Dawn, and Matilda Raven Rose! (we love the sound of that, but a raven just isn't really a pretty bird is it though :/ not sure..

    Many thanks for your thoughts on my previous posts, I apologise for not replying much, pregnancy exhaustion! (9weeks in and sleeping lots)

    Oh also wanted to point out, we dont mind if the name sounds like its describing an echo! (Scarlett Echo) and we don't mind that it sounds like the "echoing dawn" (Echo Dawn) we like word names! Anyway, What do you think of our ideas this time? Thanks in advance!

    (((just in case anyone wants to get creative with combinations with our top names!)))

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    I think Scarlett Echo sounds a bit... wordy. Echo Dawn as well (it's the two word names, it sounds like a description of something). I do love the name Echo, but the myth is incredibly sad, I always wonder why people would choose a name who has such a tragic mythology tied to it's name?

    I absolutely love Matilda Raven Rose, it's medieval and beautiful (voted for this one). Matilda Echo is sweet as well.

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    Scarlett Echo's okay, but Matilda Raven Rose is incredible! From your other names, I also love Alanna Raven Rose.
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    Scarlett Echo is your best Echo combo so far!

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    Ok I'm going to be weird and suggest Autumn Skye. I know it's really wordy and could be in a sentence but it sounds so great together and the imagery is gorgeous. I really like Alanna Echo and Matilda Echo.
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