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    I love this name...but is it crazy?

    Hi everyone. I was hoping I could get your opinions and thoughts on the name Delaie, (prounced Delay, as in my flight has beed delayed) for a girl. I think it is absolutely beautiful, and sounds feminine (slightly french, because it reminds me of Calais), sweet, but not too frilly. I know there will be spelling issues, as well as clarifying issues (yes, I know, as in my flight has been delayed, I named my daughter 'delay'), but these do not necessarily bother my husband and I. I think meeting a little Delaie would be very sweet, and that it is a name someone could grow with.

    Alternatively, I have been thinking of Delaina or Dalaina as the safer choice, yet one that is still distinctive and feminine. I however do much prefer Delaie, partly because I absolutely love the nickname possibility of Lea (prounced lay-ah) which is something she would be called like how a Kelly might get Kell, or a Kelsey gets Kels. I do think though that Delaie could stand on its own well.

    I was also thinking of (maybe this is the weirdest?) Delaia, prounced (de-lay-ah). I am not sure if Delaia would be the best spelling option (we would want to keep it as straightforward and as un-kreative as possible since the name is so different). The nickname I love (lay-ah) is right in the name this way, but I thought it might make Delaie less weird (i.e., less of a name culled from ordinary words) if I could consider the feel of Delaia in the vein of Delaina, Delilah, Leila, and Delaney!

    So, Delaie, Delaina, Delaia? Thanks for your thoughts and help!

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    I don't really like Delaie. It just looks like a kre8tif spelling of the word "delay". I just see the teasing potential with Delaie (the lay?). I don't mind Delaine which is a legitimate name. Delaney is a good option if you gravitate towards surnames for a girl. Delilah and Leila are more feminine options. You can always use Delaie in the middle spot.
    All the best,

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    Word names are fine, great even, unless the word is a negative one. Delay is a negative word. It means inhibition, problems, unexpected errors. Nobody likes delay. Spelling it Delaie doesn't make those associations go away. Why do this to your child? For the rest of her life, she will have to introduce herself as Delay. A problem. Can you imagine? What would it be like for you if your mother had decided that, say, Probleme, was a beautiful name and named you that? How would you feel?

    Go with Delaina, or just Lea, or Calais, anything but Delaie (which is really Delay).

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    Thanks for your responses. I guess deep down I knew I could never really use this name and that is why I have been so hesitant it my consideration of it. I am not a fan of creative spellings, and I certainly do not want any negative associations.

    I guess, clinging to a last thread, would Delaia avoid these problems at all?

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    I would not go with Delaie as it bears a negative connotation. I like Delaina is a much better choice, you still get the nn you want and it is not a kreative spelling of a word.

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