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    Names with repeating sounds...

    So what do you guys think about names with repeating sounds? I'm on the fence for ex. Persephone Sage or Rose Ruth or Kyle Kristopher. Just examples off the top of my head. Sometimes I like them, sometimes not. When is it too much? How do you get a good flow a and what are some of your favorite combos with repeating sounds?
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    I personally don't love them - though I wouldn't mind a fn-mn repeat nearly as much as I mind a fn-ln repeated sound. But I think sometimes there can be a lyricism to repetition. Kyle Kristopher works better than Rose Ruth, in my book, because of the difference in number of syllables (though I'd probably spell it Kyle Christopher instead to be more traditional and to keep the repetition soundwise but not letterwise). Greta Georgine or Meredith Maeve would work for me because the sounds after the initial consonant are different (whereas Greta Grace or Meredith Meryl would be too similar for me). I also think you have to be careful not to have repeated ending sounds, too, like Jason Jasper vs. Jason Jonathan.

    Anyway, I don't have any great combos to share, because I steer clear of them, but those are the "flow" rules I can think of.
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    Alliteration doesn't usually bother me but when names have more than one repeating sound, I'm kind of put off by the combo. Using names from courtneylarking's sig, Elliott Emmett is too much but Beatrix Blythe would be okay.
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    I don't mind repetitive sounds as in Persephone Sage because the repetition is limited and decently spaced apart.
    I actually just hate how Kyle Kristopher looks (particularly unfortunate should you have a K starting last name, even with Christopher) but don't mind Kyle Christopher (though I'd prefer Christopher Kyle).

    I personally feel that some repetition can be really nice for rhythm and overall harmony of a name but you have to be careful not to overdo it.
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    For some reason, I am a huge sucker for repeating sounds or letters. All the examples you listed are okay to me, I especially like Persephone Sage. They don't seem at all overboard, or anything. As you can see in my signature, a lot of my favourite combos have repeating sounds- Angelo Willoughby Kane, Robbinson Seneca Kitt, Ollie Leander Lou, Hesperus Celestine Wynne, Hunter Liberty Tye..... Maybe some of these are too much, I don't know. But I love the sound and rhythm so much...
    I don't know exactly how to get a good flow, but I think it sounds better -to my ears- if I have two MNs. It seems to make a better sound, maybe it doesn't sound so rhyming and more flowing. Oh, and just looking at the names in your signature, I like the sound of Felix Atticus. Something like that I think works. The only problem with some of these repeats is that if you try saying them too much or too fast they can become sort of tongue twisters. Okay, enough rambling, I just had to post about my love of this repeating thing!!
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