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    Pregnancy tips from mothers with 4+ children.

    Hi there,
    Fairly new to nameberry, but so far has been great. Noticed the site wasn't just about baby names so thought id add a post too.
    This is my fourth pregnancy but fifth child (we were blessed with twins). Im honestly feeling great and haven't noticed much difference, but that could change?

    I would really like to hear from women who have had bigger families, see if they have any advice or tips, love to hear if you noticed differences between pregnancies and id also love to know what your delivery experiences were like.

    How did your body hold up during pregnancy but also after the birth?


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    I have a smaller family than yours, so probably can't offer much useful advice that is new to you! However, this is my 4th pregnancy, too, and I have noticed that each pregnancy (and postpartum time) is really its own, unique experience in terms of how you feel.

    One thing that helped me to "bounce" back after giving birth was a light amount of walking for exercise. I'm not talking about bouncing back into pre-pregnancy shape within weeks (or even months) like celebrities do, or anything like that. But during and after pregnancy, I just took to walking a few miles, a few times a week. It's hard to get out of the house when you've got an infant along for the ride and older kids to care for, but it helped my mood and energy level tremendously with the postpartum years after each of my first three kids.
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    My fourth pregnancy and fifth child too! I felt my second pregnancy was much easier than first like many do, third was a bit harder because it was twins. I do feel very tired during this one but that just might be because of the four kids in the house. I did a lot of prenatal yoga classes during my last two pregnancies and these really helped me. I tried to eat very healthy and this made me feel great too. I have been able to have vaginal birth for all three pregnancies, which I am very happy about. I'm not sure what will happen with this one. I think my body is holding up okay for now, but I'm in the earlier stages.

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    This is my fifth and final pregnancy. We lost one of our children to SIDS so I have 3 kids running around: ages 11.5, 4.5. and 2. The two small ones are my girls, and my son being older doesn't really make me run the way the girls do. Amazingly enough this pregnancy (aside from tiredness that comes with all pregnancies) is the easiest. I'm having some minor issues with leg muscles stiffening up, but with vitamins and trying to be kind to my body when not working seems to remedy any discomfort. Other than that the only discomfort I have is the baby pressing on the underside of my belly. You know, those two points on either side, stretching the undercarriage of your belly further than it already is? Yeah, there. She loves going there. :O But really it was almost like not being pregnant until week 22. I'm 26 weeks now.
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    I had our first at 23 and will be 34 when this little guy arrives. I tend to have sort of hard pregnancies, but my body bounces back for the most part. All of mine have been born vaginally, no difficulty recovering from those births. However this is our last because I just feel my body gets so worn down when pregnant. One thing I started doing when pregnant with my now almost 4 year old was to take people up on their offers to help. Like if somebody says "Let me know if you need anything" I would say something like "Coming over for a few hours to take the kids to the playground while I rest would be helpful" or what not. Also cutting myself some slack. My DH works over an hour away and takes classes at night, if its been a long day and the kids come home from school wired and I feel like crap, delivered pizza it is! Or taking apples and zbars (kids version of cliff bars) and drinks to the Y and let them run around in the gym/pool while I watch (well, pool I get in but in the kids waterpark area I watch from the steps so i can enjoy the water), that sort of thing. Just basically meeting their needs but not overworking myself to do so. B's birthday is in February so I am outsourcing her cupcakes and ordering in the food instead of making everything myself with organic, homemade goodness like I usually try to do....that sort of thing except on a daily basis if that makes sense. If you cant see my signature, I have 4 children ages 10-almost 4 and had a pregnancy that ended at 21 weeks so I tend to think I have a little experience, lol.
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