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    My parents weren't married when they had me, so I got my mother's maiden name. When my parents got married shortly after my mom realized she was pregnant with my brother, my mom and brother both took my dad's last name. They never changed mine, because (frankly) they could never afford it. I lived my whole life (until marrying a year ago) with my mom's maiden name while the rest of my family had my dad's last name. It was a total non-issue for us, but I guess it depends on the family. (For what it's worth, I dropped my birth middle name and took on my mom's maiden as my middle when I got married. It didn't even occur to me at the time to add in my dad's name somewhere, even though we're on really good terms).

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    My son (the eldest) has a different last name than his younger siblings. We've talked to him about changing it so that we'll all share the same last name, but he'd rather keep his name as is. I would talk to your daughter (after having a heartfelt conversation on the matter with your ex on what options he'd be okay with too!) to see what she thinks.
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    I think that if it doesn't bother you, you shouldn't bother changing it. Unless you're planning on putting up your last name on the mailbox and leaving a "you've reached the Field-Jones' residence" on your answering machine, it's unlikely your daughter will feel left out because she has a different last name. When she gets older, if she wants to change that and expresses that to you, you can always do it then.
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    Honestly, I would just leave it alone. If you are on good terms with her father and everything's alright in that area, then you may risk drama starting if you were to just up and change it.

    I'm from a blended family (his/mine/ours), and there are two different surnames between us six siblings but honestly it was never an issue. We hardly ever used our last names in a family setting anyhow, if that makes sense.

    A family is more than last names. Your little girl will still be part of your family regardless
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    It's seems like it'd be more trouble than it's worth to me.

    My parents divorced and all my siblings have my father's last name. Then my mom remarried and had a child with that husband and he has his father's last name. Then she remarried again and has another child with her now husband and she has his last name. So in total my mother has 6 children: 4 Rubin's, 1 Pointsett, and 1 Webb.

    My boyfriend is from a family where the two oldest have one name and the two youngest have a different one cause his parents divorced and his mother remarried. But they were raised as siblings, and I didn't realize they were half siblings until like five months into our relationship even with the different names. Family is family regardless of name, in my opinion.
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