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    Can you make yourself like a name you hate?

    One of my very best friends had her baby a couple of days ago. She's just announced the name... and I /hate/ it. (I don't want to post it here, because it's a little on the unusual side and I think I might be recognisable enough as it is if she reads Nameberry!) It's a diminutive of a very classic name that feels like a porn star name to me... and is also the name of a popular variety of wine where I live, so everyone I've said the name to has said "what, as in the wine?" She didn't run the name by anyone first as she wanted it to be a surprise.

    So anyway, I really want to make myself like the name because, yknow, she's one of my best friends and it's her first baby and I am probably going to see this baby all the time, especially since my own is of course very close in age, but I just. hate. it.

    Has anyone here successfully convinced themselves to like a name? I figure a bunch of such name nerds as we have here are bound to have hated some of their friends/family's choices, so any tricks?

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    You'll love the child, and the name becomes a part of her and you will associate the name with the baby and then you'll like it.
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    I know that seems like it would happen, but tbh... one of my sisters has also picked names for her kids that I dislike, and even though I love my niece and nephew to bits, I still grump a little bit every time I think about their names. And my dislike of this name is much stronger, so I guess I'm just hoping for some kind of mental magic pill lol. Probably doesn't exist, but I thought I'd ask!

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    Exactly what @ottilie said.

    My friend named her child a name which I didn't like either at first. I'll be honest, when she first told me, I thought it was awful and I didn't know how a child was going to wear it. But then she was born and she wears the name so well that I love the name now, because I think of her.
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    I don't think you can make yourself like it, but that once you love the child you won't think about the name much. FWIW, I disliked my husband's name immensely when we met. It's totally an old man name. Now when I hear it, I think about HIM rather than his name, so my distaste has waned.

    You could always think of a cute nickname just for you to use if you hate saying it that much.
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