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    Feb 2013
    Ohio, USA
    Family #1
    DH (39): Andrew Henry James Archerson 'Andy'
    DW (36): Caroline Grace Archerson 'Carol'
    DD (10): Isabella Scarlett Archerson 'Belle'
    DD (7): Lucy Hazel Archerson
    DS (5): Ethan Elijah Archerson
    DS (2): Caleb Barnaby Archerson 'Cale'
    DD (NB): Alice Isla Archerson

    Family #2
    DH (45): Brett Cooper Proziack
    DW (41): Denise Louise Proziack
    DS (16): Victor Brady Proziack 'Brady'
    DS (14): Spencer Harvey Proziack 'Spence'
    DD (11): Anneliese Lilith Proziack 'Ana'
    DS (5): Owen Felix Proziack

    Family #3
    DH (32): Axel Elliot Mumfords
    DW (29): Catherine Madeleine Mumfords 'Cate'
    DD (5): Ella Nevaeh Mumfords
    DD (3): Juliana Cecily Mumfords 'Jules'
    DD (1): Harlow Rose Mumfords

    Family #4
    DH(35): Alan Bradley Rigslington
    DW(35): Anya Leona Mae Rigslington
    DD(4): Adele Margaret Jade Rigslington
    DS(1): Atticus Ronan Rigslington

    Family #5
    DH (37): Alec Donovan Seamus Gringes
    DW (31): Vanessa Caitlin Gringes 'Nessie'
    DS (7): Dorian Silas Gringes
    DS/DD (6): Homer Kai Gringes and Georgia Sadie Gringes 'Gia'
    DD (3): Cheyenne Haven Skye Gringes
    DS (1): Bennett Crosby Gringes 'Ben'
    DD (NB): Gloria Leonore Gringes 'Glory'

    Family #6
    DH (30): Wesley Vincent Jordian 'Wes'
    DH (30): Derrick Anthony Jordian
    ADD (2): Clarissa Eve Jordian 'Clara'
    ADS/ADS (NBs): Griffin Isidore Jordian 'Griff' and Crispin Barnabas Jordian 'Cris'

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eliza - Eve - Johanna - Lana - Matilda - Zanna

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