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    I like Lucia a lot actually and I don't mind Florence either, though I'd porobably prefer it as a middle name.

    I like Alexandra but he won't as Alex is too boyish. Even if I said use Lexie, which I also like, he won't have it. He wouldn't have Charlotte nicknamed Lottie either as he says when they get to school other kids might call them differently and he doesn't want that.

    You're all so wonderful, coming up with suggestions so quickly!

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    If he won't go for Alexandra, I like the suggestion of Alessandra. That's more girly and she can go by Alessa or maybe Lissa or Lissy?

    Other suggestions:

    Emmeline (nn Emme or Emma) or you could make it Emelina with the nn Lina
    Katerina (nn Kate or Rina)
    Nicolette (nn Nikki, might be too boyish for him)
    Catalina (nn Lina)
    Kaitlin (nn Kait or Kate)

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