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    My across the road neighbour called her baby Khaleesi. I personally find it way too out there.

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    bailibsmum Guest

    shows other forms of the names - Kalyce Kalice Kaliece Calyce Kalicia Calicia
    I've even seen a kaleece on facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    It isn't a name though, even in the book. George RR Martin made it up.
    In theory all names are made-up at some point. And many by awesome authors like Tolkien
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    In theory all names are made-up at some point. And many by awesome authors like Tolkien
    The vast majority of names are not just 'made up' they have roots in other words and meanings and develop over time: etymologies.

    And I'll repeat; Khaleesi isn't even a name, it's a title. Her given name is Daenerys Stormborn.

    Quote Originally Posted by bailibsmum View Post
    I wouldn't trust anything I saw on that website O_o Doesn't seem to be the most reliable source of information:

    "aagaard baby name is vey popular for last name babies name and its popularity ranking is very high in all the years ranging from 2010, 2011 and 2012. aagaardit is not a popular first name but a very popular surname or last name for all people."

    ^ This doesn't even make any sense... The spelling and sentence construction is atrocious.
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    With Game of Thrones names I have a feeling it might be wise to hold off naming your child after a character until all the books have been published - still plenty of time for the name to be transformed in its associations from brave warrior queen to something awful, let's be honest Jocasta is a lovely name of an ancient queen but has some pretty bad associations...

    Also these names will date worse than the twins my father was at school with: James and Dean...
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