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    Question Middle name for Iris

    Since we *finally* agreed on a full boys' name (Jensen Lee-Isaac) it's time to settle our girl's name. Iris is the pick for a first name and now bf flat out refuses to help any further on it. I would prefer to use Louise as a second middle name so I'm stumped on trying to join the two names together in a light, flowy, feminine yet trendy without overdoing it sort of way (I don't ask for much huh? Lol).

    My daughter is Avila Ireland-Nicole. Her dad is very very Irish however, Avila and this baby have different biological fathers. I think Avila's full name encompasses the feel I want Iris' name to have.

    So far I've been offered the suggestions:
    Elizabeth-Faye or Elizabeth-Louise
    and Harlow-Louise

    Louise is my mother and grandma's middle names. I am adopted and don't know my birth family so using their middle name is important to me to link my family together (if that makes sense). My mom is Cathy (not Catherine. Just Cathy) and my grandma is Beatrice (Bea). I have no biological relatives.
    Lorrie Anne is my bf's mom. And Nikkole Mae is his sister. He also has an Aunt Connie.

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