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Thread: Aquila

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    I would pronounce it uh-KEEL-uh, not uh-KWILL-uh, but perhaps that's just me? I dislike uh-KWILL-uh, bu I do like the nn Quil

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    I'm with @auroradawn here, sorry. I think Aquila is a really cool name, but I don't like it for a girl at all. I almost equate it with naming a little girl Peter or John. It frustrates me to no end that people take any boys' name from the Bible that ends in "A" and think they can automatically use it for a girls' name. I don't like it for Josiah, Asa, Ezra, or Jonah, and I don't like it for Aquila, either. And because I know those words sound charged and inflammatory--I probably wouldn't bat an eye if I met a little girl named Aquila. I can sort of see the appeal; it has an intelligent, soft sort of image and it would be a nice name for a child who has two writers for parents. I'm not trying to attack just one person in general--I'm probably just venting. For years I've come on name boards and seen people trying to use Josiah for a girl, Asa for a girl, Ezra for a girl, Jonah and Noah (which I don't mind as much, as it has several Bible characters named Noa and Noah who are both girls) and Judah. My faith has been pretty viciously attacked lately, and I'm feeling a bit on the defensive. It's not against you, and I hope you don't take it that way. (Sort of like the Welsh in me is fiercely protective of Bryn on boys!)

    Like I said, I can see the appeal, I just probably wouldn't use it. As far as Aquila Emerald goes--it's just a bit too unusual for me. If I had an obscure MN, I would want something more familiar that I could use as a back-up if I didn't feel like Aquila fit me. I don't know if you're opposed to two MNs or not, but I think something like Aquila Charlotte Emerald or Aquila Emerald Jane or Aquila Catherine Emerald (or even Aquila Emerald Beatrice!) would be nice.

    (And if I did offend, I'm quite sorry!)
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    I like Quilla better, because when I first saw Aquila I automatically thought Attila the Hun :/ But maybe I'm just weird

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    I've always pronounced Aquila like the qui in quiet- like in twilight. Did some research and it looks like the correct pronunciation is either uh-quill-uh or AWK-wah-lah. I first heard the name in a video game, and the character (who played a large role in the story line) was male. So it's strictly male for me. Also, the biblical figure is male, and while I have always loved Ezra on a girl, it's weird to me. Aquinnah has a similar feel and is feminine.
    Aquila would probably work best in the middle IMO. But that's from a name nerd's perspective. If you love it, go for it. If Addison and Avery are used regularly, than Aquila will have no problem among most.
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    I think about the constellation. And water (because of the Aqu-), but it seems like I'm the only one. Aquila Emerald is pretty and unexpected. I like it, but not sold on it.
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