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    Yay!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear the great news! Congratulations, you are PREGNANT!
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    That's wonderful news! Yay!

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    Yay cvdutch!!! So glad everything is going well! Hearing that heart beat is so reassuring. Are you still on bed rest?
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    Great News!!!! So happy for you!!!!!
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    Thank you very much everyone! I'm going to be one nervous bunny going into the next US, since it's one especially for checking for birth defects/issues... but one day at a time I guess.

    Whit32: no more bed rest for now! I can't help myself from taking it easier than usual though... pre-pregnancy, I walked 3-4 miles a day (at a fast pace), cleaned a lot, did heavy laundry, etc., but we're all just so afraid that I'm basically not doing any of that now. My husband and my entire family basically want to wrap me in a bubble and latch me to the bed for the next 9 months. I'm still working part-time but I miss my exercise!

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