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    Zaelia: thank you! Twins, that's amazing!!!

    Emilyva: Thank you for telling me about your mom, I love hearing that kind of story. And great recommendations for the bed rest - I don't have Netflix and hadn't even thought about it for a long time. Definitely will be doing that! And puzzles can be a great way to pass time so I'll add that to the list too. Maybe those will help keep my brain from turning to complete mush too, like my body is. Ugh. I'm already a huge reader so I'm trying to find some more good books but that's not easy either. Also, I have a niece who was adopted and I think about adopting all the time as well. If something goes wrong this time, we're definitely going to start seriously looking at that option. And even if this goes well, maybe for number 2.

    Norbury: I saw a perinatal doc for a pre-conception consultation, after my first mc, and he put me on a baby aspirin too. But then once I got pregnant, and the spotting started, my OB immediately told me to stop taking it. So I'm a bit confused on that one right now. I'm not taking it and i'm hoping that's the right way to go. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm so glad you went on to have 2 healthy, happy little ones!

    sdsurfmama: I will mention that on Monday. I have had my thyroid checked but it's prob been a few years. When I said my hormones are ok, I just meant my progesterone and Hcg. Thanks for the tip! And also thank you for the 96% thing, we are really feeling like, if we can get the all-clear this coming Monday, we can breathe a tiny little bit more. Maybe we can breathe twice a day instead of just once. Then at the 12-14 week mark, maybe we'll be able to breathe 3 times a day, and so on. If we get that far, the 20-week anatomical ultrasound at the perinatal will be a HUGE relief. Oh how I'm hoping!

    Thanks again everyone, I love this site so much for how supportive everyone can be. I was really devastated last time. Hubby and I are very, very nervous for the ultrasound this coming Monday, 4/29. I get nauseous just thinking about it (and no, I'm generally not having nausea otherwise). The spotting has let up a lot but isn't totally gone. And Monday will be the first time we get a good ultrasound past the time where we lost baby number one. UGH. Stomach knots. This is all so hard. But anyway, thanks again for making it a tiny bit easier with your stories and support! I'll def be back to update after the u.s. Monday, either way. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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