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    Needing positive inspiration!

    Hey 'berries,

    So I've posted my story on a couple of the forums here but those forums are already so huge that it's kind of getting lost. I'm hoping if I post it here, on its own, maybe it'll get some traction and we can have a bunch of positive, happy stories in one spot for anyone who may need them.
    Anyway, I'm currently 6 weeks, 5 days pregnant for the second time. We lost our first to a mc at week 10 - so, needless to say, this is a very stressful time (instead of pure joy, like it should be). This time everything had been going great, my hormones were where they needed to be, ultrasound looked perfect. Then this past Wednesday, I started spotting and cramping, more heavily than I was comfortable with (I know some is normal). Raced back to the doctor, again the ultrasound looked normal (heard the heart beat for the second time, and it went up from 96-108, fantastic!). But my blood works showed my progesterone had slipped slightly. So my OB put me on a progesterone supplement - and bed rest. So I'm stuck in bed through the end of this weekend - and then I guess what happens depends on the spotting. Right now, it's still happening. Most of the time, I'm ok and can distract myself (thank god for puppies, husbands, and laptops!)... but sometimes the "what-if's" creep in and grab hold, and I fall apart.
    So basically what I'm hoping for is some support from other Momberries..? Maybe you've been through what I'm going through - but yours turned out wonderfully and you had a healthy baby anyway? I already know all the bad things that could happen - believe me - so instead I'm hoping to hear all of the great, positive stories instead, for the next time I start to feel down or scared. I hope there are some here and that someone is willing to share!
    Thank you and I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend

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