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    Whit32: Oh wow, you had to go thru that chemo nastiness too, I am so sorry. That just sounds so incredibly awful, I can't even imagine. I'm very happy for you that this one has gone smoothly and that you're nice and further along! You made me laugh when you said you wanted to throw something at the lady in the documentary you saw, I threw a dog toy at the tv this past weekend for pretty much the same reason. And what you said about preventing miscarriages is so right. I'm very much a science person myself and I get it, I know about the chromosome issues and everything else that goes wrong to cause a mc. I guess I just wasn't thinking about it from that angle so thank you for reminding me that usually when it does happen, it happens for a reason. It's so easy to forget that and just blame yourself, you know? I have a couple of other ongoing health issues as well that make it even more complicated for me (they require medication) so it's really easy to focus on me and what I could/should do differently or whatever. But you're right and thanks for the reminder.

    sdsurfmama: I'm hanging in there! I can't wait for next Monday, the 29th, when I go in for the next ultrasound and bloodwork! That will be week 8 and I feel like I'll be able to exhale a teeny tiny bit then. Then I'll probably have to wait 2 more weeks and so on - but I'm like you, I don't think I'll really relax until after the 20th week ultrasound. Maybe not even until the baby is actually here, in my arms, and I can count the fingers and toes! Never would have guessed I'd be so eager for labor! Ha! It's just so incredibly stressful, I really had no idea. It just never fully dawned on me how women basically put themselves, their needs/wants/etc. completely to the side for 10 months, to do this baby thing. Especially for those of us who don't have an easy time of it! I see pictures of Kim Kardashian on a plane every day, flying all around the world, even back in her early pregnancy days - and I can't keep myself from thinking, WHAT??? She is one lucky duck to have such an easy pregnancy, seems she barely has to think about it. I think about the baby pretty much 24/7, no matter what I'm doing (or supposed to be doing for that matter). And I've definitely slowed myself down significantly - and I sure as heck don't live anywhere as exciting a life as a celeb! But yeah, I realize I'm in a much different situation having had one mc already. I'm just bitter ;-)

    Thanks for the notes again, I'm continuing the bed-rest (except for my part-time job) and it's really one of the highlights of my day to check in here. <<hugs>>

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    When you go in Monday, ask your OB to check your thyroid (TSH level), too, if s/he hasn't yet. You said your hormone levels were all good, so maybe it was already looked at? It's just another thing to check off of the list. If progesterone and TSH are good and clotting issues are ruled out AND you get a great 8 week U/S, I'd think you're about 96% in the clear. It's just an 8 week stat I have come across. I can not verify it's validity, but it's a statistic I hear thrown around often, and I know it made me feel better. I am sure you'll feel much better when you clear the 10 week mark because of your history. Just day by day, your chances keep improving, so remember that. Crossing my fingers for you.
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    My first pregnancy ended in mc at ten weeks, physically painful and emotionally devastating, I still think about how old they would have been and pray to them. My doctor proscribed very low dose aspirin for my next two happy and healthy pregancies as no cause was established but he felt it wasa good preventative in my case. I hope you have a happy ending after all this worry.
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    Mom miscarried (I won't tell how many times) a bunch. She was able to have me and my sister. She would have had more (like at least one more maybe two), but she feels so happy. We love her so much. She is my best friend. She says she feels blessed although she admits it was hard. My mom feels lucky to have us. She also has her spouse and a dog. She would tell you she has a good life. I feel blessed she is my mother. She is one of my favorite people. I have no children of my own. I have never been pregnant. I would like to adopt and maybe have biological children. (I have known other people who miscarried and had children including an aunt, and a friend's mom)
    I have never been in your situation, but I have had to rest due to sickness. Get some nice books. Set up a netflix account (a friend who was on bed rest with her baby loved Netflix) Try meditation. Maybe try some crossword puzzles or other puzzles (it may seem dorky, but I like the puzzle books from Variety).
    good luck!

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    I have not miscarried but I had some scary spotting in my first trimester but went on to have healthy twins at 37 weeks. I am thinking of you and hoping things work out for your pregnancy. Good luck!
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