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    Rule of Thirds

    Ok, I am dying to be a part of the "just for fun" list updating! I have always had a pretty good sense of what my naming style was, so it's not too hard to find name that I like in general, but I have only recently figured out why I prefer some of the names on my list more than others. I am a huge sucker for three syllable boy names! There I said it.

    There are plenty of wonderful names that I love almost everything about, but in terms of those I have actually considered using they have never been any more or less than three syllables. I just did a search through the database and it came up with over 3,000 choices to meet that criteria so I certainly have plenty to choose from... However, I have one more requirement that I've been recently looking into. I want there to be the chance of a 3 letter nickname option as well. What? Yep, my name is only 3 letters long and there aren't many of those I'm fond of but I love having that subtle connection between me and Dom so I'd like to see what else would give me that. I've thought of a few but I know there have got to be more than I am able come up with so help me out... Please and thank you! =]

    Augustine- Gus
    Benjamin- Ben
    Dominic- Dom
    Evander- Van
    Sebastian- Seb
    Timothy- Tim
    Dominic James~ {7}

    Benedict : Felicity : Gabriel : Jude : Lavender : Rowena

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