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    Adelaine is totally not made up! Not at all, I used to come across it on medieval census records quite often, I think it's beautiful and soft.

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    Yep, Adelaine's legit. I actually really like it! Lainey is a great nickname, and I think it's a little more interesting than Adelaide. You might also like Aleydis, Adelais (the last syllable is pronounced like "lay") or Adeline.

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    Adelaine may not be made up but it kind of sounds like it is, because Adelaide is well known and Adelaine isn't. Also, she will probably have to correct people a LOT.

    I like them both. I have considered Adelaide and it has never occurred to me that "laid" was in it.

    The only thing I don't like about Adelaide is that Addy is such an intuitive nn for it, since I think it's a very overused nn.

    The cool thing about Adelaine is you can use Laine as a nn. And Adelais, you can use Laia, which is pretty.

    I also really like Aleydis.

    Really all of these names are very nice and I don't think you can go wrong.
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    Thanks Berries for the input! It's true if I do pick Adelaine she will probably have to correct people constantly. At least I
    have a "tad" longer to decide

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    I would go with Adelaide.
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