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    Post Bored of My Favourites - Need a "Happy Medium"

    I keep getting extremely bored with every name list that I make.

    My first list was a vintage/classic/traditional one (Alice, Penelope, Hazel, Thomas, Samuel, Edward), but those names are so popular here in England that I'm just bored of them. My name is Amelia, which is the #1 name here right now, and although I was born a fair while ago, I just don't like having a popular name. I want my children to have an interesting name, but one that's rooted in history and is still legitimate (i.e no Jazlynn or Kaidynn or anything made up).

    My second list was more "out there" (Belladonna, Nephele, Fiammetta, Finland (b), Zephyr, Romulus), but I just felt like a lot of them were too different and that my child would get teased for having such an unusual name.

    So my question is, are there any names that you feel would be almost like a combination between the two categories, a "happy medium"? Not an amalgamation of two of the names, but names that would fit that middle category, which I guess would be along the lines of "historical and classic names that are unpopular in England". Any ideas?

    For reference, here is the top 1000 in England & Wales:

    My boyfriend and I are hoping to start TTC soon, but we're not pregnant yet, just brainstorming haha.

    Thank you! And sorry this was long.
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