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Thread: Martyn and Cora

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    Martyn and Cora

    I was on here about a year ago figuring out names while we started TTC. We finally got our BFP 2 days ago and now have picked up our favorite names and started rehashing them. DH has of course forgotten our favorites. (uuuugggggggg) And now really likes Martyn. (he HATES misspellings, but likes an author with this name (born in 1889)) He insists it is a "real name." I dont even like Martin as a name, but he will think about one of my names he dismissed last time (Leyton/Layton) if I think about Martyn. So... anyone know anything about this name?

    My other question is about the popularity of the name Cora. I am suddenly seeing it everywhere (Downton Aby, Once Upon a Time... and other random things) I looked at the last 5 years on the SSA and it has been slowly increasing but do you think there will be a big jump and break into the top 100 in the next few years?
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