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    Willa's Little Brother - Advice

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards but have been enjoying reading your posts. We just found out we're having a boy and are having an incredibly hard time picking a name that is both classic/sturdy but not too popular. Our daughter is Willa.

    We had more girl names that we loved on our list (for reference we had Juliet, Julianne, Beatrice and Alice at the top of our list). However, while we like a handful of boy names, none of them are flawless.

    Here's our list:
    • Charles (worried about popularity)
    • Henry (worried about popularity)
    • Ennis (we both loved this name until someone said it might be mispronounced EEnis and then rhymed with a boy body part for teasing purposes - do you think people will go there?)
    • Nicholas (nn: Nico) (also popular)
    • Walter (Willa and Walter might be too cutesy)
    • Lewis (perhaps too nerdy?)

    What perfect name are we missing? Would you worry about Ennis or just go for it? Are Charles and Henry really as popular as they seem? Thanks in advance!

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    I haven't met ANY baby/young Charles in at least 10 years, so I don't think it's too popular, but may come across as slightly dated, even though I think it's classic enough that it won't be an issue.

    Henry is definitely gained in popularity, but it's still unlikely a little Henry would be one of multiple Henry's in a class or something.

    Ennis - I wouldn't jump to Eenis. That doesn't seem any more likely than a little Dennis getting anatomy jokes made.

    Nicholas is still super popular, moreso than Charles or Henry.

    Walter's cool! I don't think Willa and Walter is too cutesy but I don't love matching sibling initials.

    Lewis - I don't think of this as nerdy at all, and it's my favorite on your list by far! It goes so well with Willa.
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    My fav from your list is Walter! I guess the question is do you mind them having the same first initial? I also really like Charles and don't find it popular really. Yes, Henry is pretty popular and Ennis has too much teasing potential.

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    Love Willa! Out of your choices I like Henry, I think Willa and Henry make a fabulous sibling set.

    Some other ideas...


    I would have some concerns about Ennis, but then children will find something or other to make fun of another about. I have never met someone with Henry as a first name, know a couple of people with Henry as a middle. I know one Charles (Charlie) and know one person with a middle name of Charles.

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    I was going to say I really like Ennis but if you worry about the teasing potential have you considered Enno instead?
    Though with both Ennis and Enno would you be inadvertanly starting a trend? Short names with a double consonant?
    What would potential baby #3 be? Pippa? Collin?

    Just do to this fact alone I'd choose Lewis or Henry from your list.

    Other suggestions: Felix, Elias, Theo, and Hugo
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