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    I think Noa for a girl is so cute! Sounds like a petite, spunky little name.
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    I know plenty of girls named Noa. It's a perfectly fine name for girls. However, Noah is definitely a boy's name.
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    I think Noa is perfect for a girls name. I would stay away from the male spelling Noah if you were to use it though.

    Like alliegators combo Noa Sophia or pairing they name with something really pretty.
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    Noa is beautiful. And I think I prefer Noa with no 'h' even without taking into account the masculinity/femininity of the spellings.

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    If our boys had been a girl they'd have been Noa-Sophia or Noa-Maya! =) I like the name alot for both genders.

    We ended up using Noah for our second son as we liked the name so much :P
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