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    Names ending in EEN sound?

    I've been noticing that names like Evangeline and Emmaline seem to be growing in popularity lately so I'm curious about a few of the names I've considered putting on my list. Here are my EENs:


    I like them but are they too weird? Aveline is probably my favorite of those, but people have issues with pronunciation (I was thinking it would be with a short A, like in avenue, but others sometimes say it with a long A, like in Ava). Jessamine, which I was considering as a way to honor my sister, Jessica, sounds a bit like "Jess, you're mean", so probably not, right? And Olivine is a beautiful green gemstone that I ADORE. I was thinking it would also be a good Olivia or Olive alternative. What do you think? Lol, someone said it sounds like a brand of olive oil! So, please give me your thoughts on these! I'm holding out hope that they won't be as hated as they seem to be now, but please be honest with your opinions. Thanks!

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