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    I love Rose in the first spot! It is sweet and simple. Also, the last time it ranked in the top 100 was 1960, so I think it's far from ordinary, at least as a first name. She might have a couple classmates with Rose as their middle name, but odds are she'll be the only Rose/Rosie.

    Rose Elizabeth (the first that came to mind. Very classic, but perhaps you want a bit more oomph?)
    Rose Evangeline
    Rose Evelyn
    Rose Penelope
    Rose Theodora
    Rose Zenobia
    Rose Winifred
    Rose Felicity
    Rose Magdalena
    Rose Katharina
    Rose Cordelia
    Rose Calliope
    Rose Hermione
    Rose Gwendolen
    Rose Delphinia
    Rose Lavinia
    Mama to Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope, and Grace Ramona

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