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    I keep coming back to Rose... Thoughts?

    I just keep thinking to myself that Rose is such a nice, clean, simple, accessible name. Also, I think Rosie is downright adorable for a little girl. We'd previously discounted it because it's felt too ordinary--no zing to it--but I keep coming back to and thinking how sweet and versatile it is. Thoughts? Is it a classic enough staple to hold its own in the rising popularity wave?

    What middle would you suggest? I kinda feel like we need something with more syllables since our last name is also a one-syllable wonder... The overall flow could end up sounding sound too clipped otherwise.

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    I personally love the name Rose although I have never met anyone with Rose as their first name. Rosie is also adorable for a little girl, I don't think you should discount it because it's 'too ordinary' as both are lovely names.

    Possible middle names:
    Rose Isabelle
    Rose/Rosie Eleanor
    Rose/Rosie Amelia/Emilia
    Rose/Rosie Olivia
    Rose/Rosie Sophia
    Rose/Rosie Catherine
    Rose/Rosie Florence
    Rose/Rosie Lauren/Loren
    Rose/Rosie Isla
    Rose/Rosie Matilda
    Rose/Rosie Alice
    Rose/Rosie Abigail
    Rosie Laila
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    Rose actually is much much less usual as a first name, as opposed to a middle name - so I wouldn't let that worry you! Good luck.

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    All the Roses I know are cheerful, beautiful,out going women. And flower itself Ida symbol of love, beauty, friendship, and peace.
    I think it's a classic name that has been relegated to second spot for years and you would possibly find, if you used it, your daughter would be the only Rose in her class but its a name that is everyone recognizes.

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    I like Rose as a firat name, as a middle name it is so overdone, but I agree that in the first spot it is sweet and simple. Rose Alexandra, Rose, Arianna, Rose Carolina, Rose Georgina / Georgiana, Rose Mayella, Rose Guinevere, Rose Tabitha, Rose Wilhelmina, Rose Isabella?
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