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    Me too. Rose was my first love for a girl name and I'm still wrestling with whether I will use it first if we have a girl. I think the middle name should be at least two syllables (our last name is short too). As far as popularity, it's not really that popular as a first name, so that should be fine.
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    I think Rose is lovely as a first name, and it's far less overdone in that spot than it is in the middle name spot. Some middle name suggestions:

    Rose Arabella
    Rose Beatrix
    Rose Melisande
    Rose Winifred
    Rose Georgina
    Rose Fiona
    Rose Annabelle
    Rose Emmeline

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    I wouldn't really consider Rose popular as a first name. In fact it is used less commonly now then it was in the past. Personally, I love Rose on its own. I have never met a Rose. Definitely needs an long elegant middle name.

    I love
    Rose Eleanor
    Rose Eliana
    Rose Helena
    Rose Genevieve
    Rose Caroline
    Rose Catherine
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    Rose is definitely not overdone as a first name. It's been years since I've run in to one, and the last one I knew was in her 80s, passed away many years ago. Go for it! I liked the Rose Aurelia suggestion. Sounds pretty.

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