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    Would we be limiting ourselves?

    So this is what our name list for our son looks like right now:


    However, I’ve recently been worrying about future sibling names. See we would like to have more children after our son (not for another 2 or 3 years though) and I’m afraid that an Adelaide, Poppy, Edmund or Raphael will look odd next to a sibling named Viggo/Leif. I can easily see Ambrose or Dimitri working, so I have no problem with them, but it’s more likely that our son will end up with Leif or Viggo. It’s driving my nuts as Theo and I love both names so very much, but I don’t want to limit ourselves so that we have to name our next children Astrid, Rainer, etc, so they run along the same style…

    We’ve considered just using them in the middle spot (especially Leif) but I can’t bring myself to do it (and Theo wouldn’t let me anyway). We may change our minds in the end and decide our son is more of an Ambrose or Dimitri, but we may not... It’s really stressing me out.

    Berries what do you think/suggest?

    What kind of siblings to you imagine for a boy named Leif or Viggo?

    Love, Claire
    Fiancee to Robert "Theo” Theodore
    Mama to Lucius "Loki"

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