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Thread: Sisters names?

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    No offense at all! Just forgot to mention that in my post.

    I have some other names I thought about- Elinor, Rosalie, Margaret, and Marianne were near the top- but for some reason, I'm stuck on this one tonight. I'm really indecisive lol.

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    I think Amelia and Emmeline sound too similar too. I like all of your other top choices. Elinor, Rosalie, Margaret, and Marianne are all beautiful. You couldn't go wrong with any of them.

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    I don't think they are too similar if you use Emmie/Emma and Millie as nn's... If you love the name i think Emmeline and Amelia could be sisters! I think Amelia and Rosalie are stunning and IMO more memorable sisters however... I love Rosalie!!

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    Amelia and Elinor | Amelia and Rosalie | Amelia and Margaret = all gorgeous! Also the nicknames are too adorable, haha. I love Elle and just plain E for Elinor, Rosie for Rosalie, and I really like Maisie (or Mimi) for Margaret!
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    They are quite similar. What about Eveline (like the James Joyce poem)?
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