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    Quote Originally Posted by caramichelle View Post
    Edward's actually the Earl of Wessex. That's why Louise and James aren't styled Princess and Prince, as they would if he were a duke. (I'm sure you probably already know this, though, because you seem very knowledgeable about the royals!)
    Haha, yes I do know (writing that post went a bit too fast), but thanks for correcting me nevertheless

    Actually, Louise and James are entitled to the titles of Princess and Prince because of the letters patent issued in 1917 which assigns a princely title and the style of His/Her Royal Highness to all male-line grandchildren of a monarch. However, at the time of their marriage, Edward and Sophie requested that their children may be styled as the children of an Earl (Lady/Lord Mountbatten-Windsor). I presume that once Edward is Duke of Edinburgh, Louise will "just" remain a Lady whereas James will receive the subsidiary title Earl of Merioneth. Sorry, this was a bit off-track.
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    That is all I can think of off the top of my head.
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    The "Can you pronounce Ewan thread" inspired me. Ewan McGregor is kind of a nameberry hero.
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